All development stages from the income of the raw materials to the delivery of the finished products, Expansion-Production-Logistic-Consumerism work in an integrated system. Our system of the quality management encloses different well defined working processes. We work in a continual expansion. Step by step we improve and  renew all processes which take place in our company to raise the satisfaction of our customers.


We realize these aims by planning, documenting and preserving the quality management 

 system according to the International Standard ISO 9000:2001 and HACCP which regulates both  the processes and the optimum using of the resources, so that the product satisfies the applicable conditions and all needs of the customers.


Our performances (products and services) are satisfying the customers and they will furthermore satisfy them concerning the three preferential directions of the quality management: quality, prices and dates.


This fact insures the trust  of our customers who prefer the security of the good and steady quality.


Our mixed herbs and additives are produced with special machines and in optimal conditions which are prescribed by the National and International Standards. 

The packaging of the products is customer-oriented.